Data Architecture | Data Strategy




Data Strategy

Approaching data from a business, instead of technology, first view. Determining reasonable goals and measurements of success at a high level for the management and use of data.

Coaching and Communication

Often projects can succeed technically, but fail to win over the organization. I can coach data teams to bridge this gap and ensure users understand value in products.

Data Architecture

End to end data solutions that include models, policies, and standards that govern which data is collected, how it is stored, arranged, integrated, and used throughout the entire organization.

Infographics / videographics

Present your data in an inspiring way by using an infographic rather than a piece of text. I create interactive infographics or videographics which can be used internally or publicly.

Data Engineering

Data needs to be prepared for analytical uses. Building data pipelines that integrate, consolidate, cleanse, and model data to be easily accessible for analytics and data science.

Business Intelligence

Consolidating organizational data into a central data warehouse. Determining Key Performance Indicators, and building dashboards to clearly convey these KPIs to decision makers.


My name is Eric and I started nullQueries due to a lack of free, quality information about data architecture and strategy. There's plenty of SQL, python, and database 101 stuff out there, but not much on the next steps of converting that into a career building end-to-end data solutions that are simple, reliable, and scalable. I've worked with many people who try to code their way out of bad architecture, either unaware of the underlying problems, or unable to change things. Resulting in an unmanagable, out of control environment. So nullQueries is my meager attempt to help the data world with solving this problem.

Beyond the YouTube channel I provide consulting services to directly help with problems of data strategy, architecture, and struggles finding the value in your data. Whether a small business struggling to manage your data in a clean useful way, or a large enterprise who's users can't seem to figure out what to do with the data warehouse, I have experience in finding the disconnect and transforming data to provide value.

Do you want to work together? Please reach out to me by e-mail.